Monday, March 21, 2011

5 ways to make cheap coffee taste good

I used to buy good expensive coffee; I would buy it by the cup in the coffee shop and I would take it home by the pound and it was delicious. Now that I have to watch where I spend every dollar, I started buying the big cans of ground coffee from Aldi's for four bucks. This may sound like I have hit rock bottom; but, with some experimenting and some good advice from a friend, I enjoy a super cheap and tasty cup-o-joe in the morning.

What you can do:

  • Make it in a french press to make it stronger
  • Add a healthy pinch of salt to cut the bitterness and bring out the coffee flavor
  • Add a bit of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg or cardamom to the grounds - the cardamom will make it taste like Turkish coffee and it is sooo good. It is best to buy the spice and grind it up yourself.
  • Once the coffee is done add your favorite flavor such as chocolate, vanilla or peppermint
  • Of course if all else fails add a little cream and sugar to make it taste more like a late
If you absolutely must have good quality whole bean coffee, the best I have found for the price is at World Market; they have 24 ounce bags of surprisingly good whole bean for nine dollars. If you join their Explorer club you get a free bag for every six bags you purchase and sometimes they have a buy one get one free sale!

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